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Who we are

As MediaQX we want to transform how TV advertising works by leveraging advanced data analytics and technology. We want to empower our customers with the tools they need to measure the success of their campaigns in a better and more accurate way.

We help advertisers optimize their campaigns and improve their ROI, while creating a more engaging and personalized viewing experience for TV audiences with solutions for broadcasters.

The history

MediaQX is a Koc Group company that operates both in Germany & Turkey. Its vision is to help brands through the struggles & unknowns of the digital transformation of TV Broadcasting & Marketing world.

It was originially an internal project within Arcelik group with a combined effort from Innovation, Digital Transformation & Product Management departments in 2018. Upon its success with Beko & Arcelik, it was later considered for an intrapreneurial spin off in 2020, which was realized in November 2021 as a Koc Holding Investment.

MediaQX current products & services mainly focus on optimizing the performance of Linear TV Advertisement, whereas its analytical capabilities will later  include Addressable TV, AVOD Ad Services, Live Streams advertising.

Our products can easily be used by anyone, anywhere. We add our 'Magical Touch' to increase the performance of the TV campaigns up to %148.

MediaQX aims to be a technology startup in its core and provide SaaS products. Our current focus is on supervised & unsupervised segmentation modeling, Automated Content Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Marketing Automation.

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