Mediaqx TV Attribution

Bridge the gap between TV and digital to boost your ROI

MediaQX TV Attribution helps advertisers and agencies better understand the effectiveness of their TV advertising campaigns.

MediaQX TV Attribution tracks and measures the impact of TV advertising on website visits, mobile application installs, and other key performance indicators.

Media Performance

MediaQX TV Attribution provides granular insights into which TV ads are driving the most significant impact on business outcomes.

With data-driven insights and technology, advertisers can drill into networks/publishers, TV shows, day parts, and genre levels that deliver the highest page views, users and mobile application installs.

Creative Effectiveness

With the help of MediaQX TV Attribution, advertisers and agencies can monitor which creatives drive the best results for their key performance indicators.

MediaQX TV Attribution can provide insights into which creative elements resonates with the target audience and drives the most significant impact on business outcomes.
By analyzing the performance of various versions of creatives, MediaQX TV Attribution can help advertisers identify which creative elements such as messaging, music, visuals, or length are generating the most significant lift to optimize the strategy accordingly.

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Adjust is a mobile attribution and analytics company. Measure, optimize, and scale app growth across platforms.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a platform that collects data from your websites and apps to create reports that provide insights into your business.

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What our users think about our service

MediaQX enabled our brand to catch the target customer at the right time at the right spot on television. We had the chance to follow our target customer’s behavior in front of the television. Thus, this kind of a tool will always be in my 360 Campaign planning process.
Akin Garzanli
Chief Marketing Officer - Arcelik
MediaQX’s data has helped us to measure and change our website’s performance more wisely. Thus, Arcelik, in corporation with MediaQX, has developed into a very valuable place.
Umut Turkay
Brand Manager - Arcelik
In corporation with MediaQX, we as Arcelik Pazarlama A.S. could track the impact of actualized campaigns to website’s performance. In addition to that, in corporation with our media agency, MediaQX has directed our team for more effective media planning. With the help of MediaQX's campaign planning tool, we were able to optimize channel and program decision, campaign reach rates and website’s session changes.
Galip Sezer
Brand Manager - Beko

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