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Stay ahead of the curve with real-time actionable insights

MediaQX Broadcaster Analytics offers a comprehensive set of features that help broadcasters and producers make informed decisions using real-time best-in-class connected TV data.

Improved Audience Engagement

With the help of MediaQX Broadcaster Analytics, broadcasters can gain insights into the viewing habits and preferences of their audience. This information can be used to create more engaging and relevant content that keeps viewers tuned in for longer periods of time.

Competitive Advantage

The viewership data collected from millions of TVs lead to a competitive advantage by adapting quickly to the changes in viewer behavior and preferences. Broadcasters can compare their performance with competitors in real-time and gain actionable insights. By analyzing the viewer journey, broadcasters can gain insights into how viewers navigate their content and what keeps them engaged.


Use MediaQX Broadcaster Analytics today and see the results

Connected TVs

From day one, you can start monitoring your performance by utilizing our proprietary data. Additionally, you have the option to expand your reach by integrating our SDK within your HBBTV signal, OTT Applications or Web Streams, to enable a wider audience.

TV Channels

You can compare your performance with respect to other broadcasters and obtain actionable insights on how you can stand out amongst them.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MediaQX Broadcaster Analytics?
How can MediaQX Broadcaster Analytics help my TV network?
How is MediaQX Broadcaster Analytics different from other analytics solutions?
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What our users think about our service

MediaQX enabled us to gain real time data flow whenever we want. In the short run, we believe that, we will be able to compare with official data. This will lead to a dynamic decision process of several contents.
Doga Ozyurekli
CTO | Acun Medya
Thanks to MediaQX's user friendly interface and detailed analytics data and reports, we can easily see the results of TV and offer more effective addressable tv media plans for our customers.
Merve Eraslanoglu
CEO of TVEkstra

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