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Get more out of your ad spend with insights from millions of Connected TVs

Monitor Performance

MediaQX Campaign Insights offers you the ability to monitor the number of unique viewers (reach), the number of times the ad was displayed (impressions), frequency, and the number of new comers - those who see the campaign for the first time.

This helps you to optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement and impact, as you can avoid overexposure to the same viewers with optimal frequency and ensure that your message is being delivered effectively to your target audience.

With these powerful tools and metrics at your disposal, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your TV advertising strategy and improve your ROI.

Location Analytics

With the help of MediaQX Campaign Insights, you can unlock the opportunities for optimizing the performance of your campaign across locations.

City-level location analytics help you to identify areas where your TV campaigns may be underperforming or reaching a smaller audience.

You can make data-driven decisions to boost your campaign performance in particular locations by adjusting your targeting strategy with local networks, or identifying complementary marketing channels to target those under-reached locations, such as social media advertising or digital out of home advertising.

This holistic approach to TV advertising helps you to reach a larger audience, increase your ROI, and achieve your marketing objectives more effectively.

Go Beyond
National TV Measurement

MediaQX Campaign Insights is a complementary tool that provides further in-depth analysis to the current TV rating system with viewership data collected from millions of connected TVs.

You can measure reach and impressions for TV networks including themed networks, local networks, and other niche TV networks that may not be covered by traditional rating systems.

Complete view of media performance helps you stand out among your competitors, improve advertisement strategy and boost your KPIs.

You can justify your ad spend for non-measured TV networks and prove your budget allocation.

Audience Profile

MediaQX Campaign Insights takes traditional measurement and targeting to the next level by leveraging proprietary audience profiles generated by viewers' TV watching habits.

Audience segmentation capabilities enable you to gain deeper insights into your target audience and better understand their behavior, preferences, and interests.

On top of traditional demographic targeting capabilities, MediaQX provides more granular audience profile groups to measure and target such as, Sports Lovers, Foodies, Netflix subscribers, White Collars Living in Capital etc.

You can build better strategies for your budget allocation using sophisticated targeting options instead of traditional spray-and-pray strategy.


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What our users think about our service

MediaQX enabled our brand to catch the target customer at the right time at the right spot on television. We had the chance to follow our target customer’s behavior in front of the television. Thus, this kind of a tool will always be in my 360 Campaign planning process.
Akin Garzanli
Chief Marketing Officer - Arcelik
MediaQX’s data has helped us to measure and change our website’s performance more wisely. Thus, Arcelik, in corporation with MediaQX, has developed into a very valuable place.
Umut Turkay
Brand Manager - Arcelik
In corporation with MediaQX, we as Arcelik Pazarlama A.S. could track the impact of actualized campaigns to website’s performance. In addition to that, in corporation with our media agency, MediaQX has directed our team for more effective media planning. With the help of MediaQX's campaign planning tool, we were able to optimize channel and program decision, campaign reach rates and website’s session changes.
Galip Sezer
Brand Manager - Beko

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