TV Attribution for Advertisers

mediaQX forms a bridge between off-line and on-line broadcasts TV viewership data & obtained from millions of connected TVs. Attributing TV campaigns to online conversions (website visits, mobile app downloads, even sales) is a challenging task for advertisers.

  • Which channels or shows drive quality online traffic?
  • What time of day or day of the week is more effective for your TV campaign?
  • How to maximise Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) for TV campaigns ?

mediaQX AI fills the gap between offline and online worlds of advertising to understand cross-channel performance better and gives you a deep behaviorial analysis by gathering data from millions of Connected TVs.

Media Planning for Advertisers

For an effective TV media planning, MediaQX provides advertisers granular & dynamic TV insights reflecting true viewership habits of their target audience.

MediaQX Media Planner unlocks the full potential of TV Campaigns through data collected from millions of connected TVs to help advertisers find out;

  • How they can reach Sports fans, through non sports programs
  • How they can reach households with children, in the evening time
  • What time of day or day of week their target audience is engaged most
  • Which ad break of a TV show is better for reach?
  • Campaign Brief
    We determine the campaign objectives, and performance KPIs
  • Past Campaigns Analysis
    Previous Campaign analysis based on the performance KPIs
  • Segment Identification
    Content analysis for top suitable audiences according to the current performance KPIs
  • TV Plan Spotlist
    Create a plan with top performing contents & target audience
  • TV Plan Optimization
    Dynamic decision-making
  • Evaluating the Success of Campaign
    Automated, real-time reporting