Advanced TV Insights

mediaQX TV Insights Platform provides near real-time insights to unlock the full potential for both measured & non-measured broadcasters.

With mediaQX broadcasters' return on content by supportings strategic programming / advertising decision making dynamically.

mediaQX empowers broadcasters to tap into more granular layers of TV data, analyse and segment target audiences based on the actionable insights provided via near real-time dashboards and APIs.

Know Your Audience

mediaQX builds granular TV audience segments based on their watching habits.

  • Who is your TV show audience? (Households With Children, Sports Fans, Morning Woman Show Addicts, Survivor Fans, Early-risers/Night-;Owls, White Collars, etc.)
  • What other channels are your audience consistently watching?
  • How does your audience behave when your broadcast is in an ad break?
  • Which cities or regions prefer your content most?

Thanks to mediaQX proprietary supervised and unsupervised AI models, granular segments of households are available for publishers.


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